Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Will Thrive...Deployment Stories

This week brought excitement in the deployment process. I received not just one but two phone calls from J. I know I am blessed that we can talk through email but there is something about hearing his voice that makes things right in the world. I've been working at writing him one old fashioned letter a week to me there is something so personal about a handwritten letter. I'm also going to be sending a care package and then a Christmas package. It seems weird to be sending him Christmas presents in November but in order for him to get them I kind of have to.

My friends and family have been amazing throughout this adventure and I couldn't do it without them. They have been good about checking up on me, sending me cards, and inviting me to go do stuff. It is good to get out of the house. My good friend S has been going to church with me which makes church a little easier since I had never been without J and it is the church we got married in so there are memories there.

The Navy has messed up our pay and we are getting about a 1/4 of what we are supposed to be getting. As soon as that gets straightened out life will be good.

I have continued to follow my menu planning. Yesterday I made a very yummy beef stew and a loaf of cheese bread (with the help of my bread maker). Tonight it is chicken fried rice...yum!!


Pretty Things said...

I'll be thinking of you -- I know this isn't easy.

University of Iowa Meg said...

Hey- Hope you're hanging in there. I love old-fashion just writing letters and sending cards...I feel like that art has been lost in the age of emails, twitters, facebook, and texts. :) XOXO- Meg