Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Update

So this weekend was really quite busy and full...not unusual for us really.

Friday night...Friday night J and I headed over to Norfolk for a Tides game. It was Navy night so as part of the opening ceremony six young men and women said there enlistment oath. J could recite it right along with them. And they came up the aisle where we were sitting and he shook their hands to congratulate them. Of course he didn't have anything identifying himself as Navy but I thought it was a cool gesture on his part. I admit I'm a sap when it comes to all things Patriotic. The National Anthem still makes me misty. I guess it is growing up military and now being with a military man it is just in my blood. The game was actually decent usually when we go the Tides lose. That night they won 3-2 over the Braves. It was a close game which made it fun. And I got to see a guy in front of me eat a Deep Fried Twinkie. It was gross looking really and it looked like a heart attack on a stick but his son liked it. So I guess it works for some. Then they had really cool fireworks after the game and they had given everyone 3-D glasses to watch them. I thought it would be goofy with the glasses but it was actually kind of cool. Although it felt a little like a Pink Floyd lazer light show.

Saturday...We didn't rush out of bed because we just weren't feeling it frankly. Then we got up and puttered around the house. I went to the store to get ingredients for the brownies and corn pudding I was making for Saturday night. I ended up going twice because I forgot the corn bread mix. Oh I was ticked. I hate when I have to waste time to go back to the store when I was just there. Then I spent the afternoon making brownies and corn pudding. We then came up to work where J helped me cover the hall bulletin boards that was an interesting task since the wrath of God was going on outside in the form of a thunderstorm that crazy. Then we went to one of two fantasy football drafts that I'm involved in. Poor J was bored out of his mind because we couldn't talk because we had to focus on our next pick. And I thought it might be somewhat enjoyable for him but it wasn't really. So for my next draft I'll either do it remotely online or I'll go by myself. We then went home to two very crazy puppies who really had way too much energy for 11:00 at night. So late night for us with an early morning for me on Sunday thanks to work.

Sunday...I was up at 7:00 AM so I could go to work to start a slide show from our church's trip to Brazil. (My bosses don't do technology...they love it but it doesn't always love them) And then my Senior Pastor was planning an amazing surprise for his wife, our Associate Pastor. It was their 20 year anniversary and he surprised her with proposing to her again, a gorgeous cross necklace, a renewal of vows with his brother and sister there, and a reception. So I helped him get some things in place for that. Then I met my mom for breakfast. Our relationship is amazing now and it seems to keep getting better. (Not to jinx it) And then I went home to get J so we could go back at 11 for the surprise. It was great she was completely surprised. Then dinner at my parents house later Sunday evening.

All and all a busy weekend for us but a good one none the less.