Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Does trying to get back on the wagon earn activity points?

I've been MIA but I'm back. A few updates....

Knee: Good news...no surgery. Bad news...physical therapy. So twice a week I'm going to physical therapy for about 30 minutes for now. It isn't really too bad it just costs me $25 a session and is sort of inconvenient. Life will go on...and I'll heal. The bad news is this puts my walking and other exercise on hold.

Weight loss: I'm running next to the wagon. (It obviously isn't going too fast) And trying to figure out if that counts as activity points. I have been craving everything doughy, chocolaty, sweet, fatty, etc. and unfortunately I've been eating it too. The past two weeks I've missed my weigh-in due to scheduling conflicts. So I'm thinking I might switch to a week day meeting. Saturdays are just busy right now. And I'm in search of my good friend motivation...if you see him please send him my way.