Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sometimes what you need is a good swift kick

So I've decided once again that God works in mysterious ways. I've always known this but sometimes I forget. And sometimes God wants us to leave our comfort zones for something better. I for one am reluctant. I don't like change in the big sense. I'm good with it in small does (although as I get older I'm finding that I'm not as fond of change) because change is inevitable.

I have been in a rut of sorts in one aspect of my life. I stay because it works. I stay because I'm comfortable in my rut. I've decorated it (it even has accent pillows). I know where everything is. I know how everything works. I know how to play the game. So I remain in my rut. But recently something has occurred that is pushing me out of my rut. A trusted place has become not so safe so I'm looking at other avenues. I feel that God will lead me where I'm supposed to go when I'm supposed to go there. God has always done this when I listened.

Now what to do when I get out of my rut...the options are plentiful. When I find out where I'm headed I'll share it with you.

In the mean time...I will close with my favorite quote...

"Sometimes you have to leap and build your wings on the way down." This was the quote I had on my dating page when I met my husband. He quoted it to me on our first date. It has been a good mantra.


Pretty Things said...

Awesome (and timely, for me!) post.