Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Update...

We had a pretty busy weekend this weekend but we got a lot done so that was good.

Friday I ended up working later than I thought because we had a partial power outage and then a church member came in and needed to talk. That is a part of my job that I can't always account for...sometimes things come up last minute. And to be honest it was one of my favorite members so I didn't mind. Then when I got home I woke up J so we could go grocery shopping. We decided to go to the commissary... a bit crazy because of the fact that it was pay day weekend but really it wasn't too bad. We got everything we needed and headed home. We planned to unload the groceries and then start cleaning up the house. Best laid plans...we got home and unloaded the car...worked a logic puzzle to pack the freezer...cleaned out the slightly overstuffed fridge. And then I hit my energy wall. I was hot and tired and in no mood to clean house. So we decided to take it easy and get a good nights sleep and start fresh in the morning.

Well he got a phone call from a friend who is going through some crap and so I got an energy spurt and cleaned up the kitchen counter and the bar. With my new favorite product...fabuloso. That meant less to do Saturday.

Saturday Ares woke us up at around 7:30 AM...we got up got he and Eva settled and started cleaning. I worked on shampooing the couch and cleaning the cushion covers while J worked on vacuuming the kitchen and mopping the kitchen floor. Then we moved upstairs to vacuum the stairs, the hallway, etc. J cleaned the bathroom while I changed the cat litter and shampooed the carpet in the craft room. Then we went back downstairs to put the couch back together and vacuum. His sister was coming at 6:00 and we were cutting it close. They got there early and I didn't have dinner done so M and I talked while I fixed dinner and the guys hung out outside. We had a nice dinner of Chicken Parmesan, salad, and bread sticks. Followed by a Kahlua layered dessert that was really sinfully yummy. We had a great time with good food and conversation. I may or may not have set the oven on fire due to some residue grease. But I'm not fully admitting fault on that one. We ended up staying up late so I could get dishes cleaned up.

Sunday We let Eva and Ares sleep in our room Saturday night and they let us sleep until 9:00 AM Sunday. We got up made coffee and J cooked breakfast. It was delicious. We were going to try and go to church but we didn't quite make it. We watched Ghostbusters and Fools Gold. Then we napped for a bit before we had to go to an event for my work. We went to the event which included wonderful food and excitement over our new building campaign at work. It was an enjoyable evening. I look forward to seeing what is ahead for work. We got home and watched the last few minutes of Minute to Win It  and Celebrity Apprentice. J did some laundry and we headed to bed.

A busy but fun weekend and I have a clean house!!!