Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Forgive and Forget

I love football. I play in two fantasy football leagues. And many football players in my opinion are pampered and spoiled beyond what they should be just because of what they do. (this is true of most professional athletes)

When Michael Vick got arrested for dog fighting I was appalled at the dog fighting and I applauded the NFL and the law for punishing him for his crime. Michael Vick has served his time for the crime he committed. He is now supposedly working with the SPCA to teach young adults about the harms of dog fighting. But apparently PETA does not think this is enough and has been quoted as saying Michael Vick should not be a role model to any child. Now I do not agree with dog fighting in any form...and I believe you should be punished for your crime...but I believe once you have served your time you should be clear. Michael Vick has served his time. The NFL has him on probation of sorts to come back and play. His career may never be the same. At this point I do not think he should be treated any differently than any other player. I think we need to teach children that role models are human...they make mistakes...they are punished for their mistakes...and then we forgive them and go on. Just as we should with anyone else. So Michael Vick may have made mistakes...but I think he can still be a role model assuming he has learned from them and is honestly changing.

As Christians we are called to forgive...are professional athletes above that?


Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

*Applause* I totally agree... we must forgive and who are we to decide whether or not he is genuine... He's trying and that's more than we can say for many!

We should teach our children that they have second chances... the ultimate of which we got from Christ!