Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Military Branches

Ok just a warning this is a rant...you've been warned.

Saturday night I was at a party...a number of active duty and retired military people were there. The conversation went to military branches. I was talking to a man who is active duty Army. I told him J is active duty Navy. This started a whole thing of which branch was better. There were comments made about the Air Force not being as strong as the Navy and the Army. Then there were  comments made about the Army being better than the Navy. Then there were jokes made about the Marines. The long and short of it was it was on its way to becoming a pissing contest about one branch being better than an other. It started out light hearted but it moved to serious.

My husband is active duty Navy. My father is retired Air Force. We have friends in the Army. We have friends in the Marines. We have friends in the Coast Guard. All of them do an important job. So why is it necessary to say one branch is better? We need protection on air...and land...and sea. We need all of the branches and all of the positions in the branches to keep us protected. It just makes me mad. Now I'm all for good ribbing among military people...joke on each other but when you get serious about it...it needs to stop.We are in this together. And I'm glad we have multiple branches of the military.


We Four Explorers said...

You have a point!
What really gets to me is the whole Rank thing...Ugh!
Have a great week,

Whitney said...

I agree! Each branch serves a different (and important) purpose, and each has its own benefits and negatives.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Well said! I agree that we need every branch of the military! Thankful for all our loved ones serving! My dad's retired Air Force, my hubby served in the Air Force and retired Army, my brother is active duty Navy, and we have many family members that served or are currently in each of those, as well as Marines and Coast Guard.

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Blessings & Aloha!

Emily said...

Amen, sister! My DH is AD Navy.. 3 uncles were Navy, 2 were/are Air Force, Stepmom is AF, Dad is retired AF, one grandfather retired AF and the other former Army. It gets old. What particularly bothers me is the "I'm tougher than you because I'm in the Army/Marines" and "I'm smarter than you because I'm in the Air Force/Navy". Can't we all just get along? :)