Monday, June 8, 2009

Weight Watcher Weigh-In Week 7 & 8

So last week I was sick as a dog with some kind of Flu bug. I'm still a little congested with the remainder of a head cold but it is getting better. So since I was home sick and crazy busy at work posting sort of went to the wayside. But I'm back. And I promise that I will be more regular in posting this week...

So here are Weight Watcher Weigh-In results....

Week 7

Weigh-In: -0.6
Total: -7.4

I totally missed the meeting because we were running late getting our sick puppy to the vet. But I walked in at the end and the leader was performing a marriage ceremony of members and Weight Watchers. Don't know the details there. But it was interesting.

Week 8

Weigh-In: -2.2
Total: - 9.6

I made it to the meeting this week. And the topic was very appropriate to those of us on a budget.

"Trim the Cost While Maximizing Efforts"
The leader had the following suggestions...
  • Make a list - when shopping have a list and stick to it...extras = more $$
  • Think filling foods - a bag of apples may be similar in cost to a bag of chips but the apples will last much longer
  • BYO - bring your own...I do this for snacks at work I keep a cooler by my desk with WW friendly keeps me honest
  • Buy in Bulk - Go to one of the warehouse centers and buy big...then divide and freeze
  • Raid Freezer or go canned - look at what you have in the house...don't go buy things until you know what you have and plan around what you have
  • DIY - make bread, make hamburgers, etc instead of buying already made
  • Buy in season - for fruits and vegetables perhaps even go to a farmers market
  • Patrol portions - this helps your waist line and your budget
  • Clip coupons - I'm bad at this but it really can save mad money
  • Be a bean counter - she didn't explain this but I'm guessing she means use foods like beans that are lower cost and higher filling
I've been going on Saturday mornings at the 9:30 or 11:00 AM meeting...this week I went to the 11:00 AM which I didn't like the last time because there were conversation monopolizers and the leader couldn't keep control very well but this time it didn't happen so I may stick with the 11:00 AM meeting we'll see. I still haven't found that leader that just resonates with me...and I know WW meetings are kind of like isn't all about the leader it is about what you bring to it so I'm trying.


Lynne said...

well dont on the weight loss so far - it really does take a lot of hard work. Fitting it in with life is not always easy so well done

Mama Bear June said...

Great job on the loss! Glad you are feeling and hope you are 100% soon!

.......the leader was performing a marriage ceremony of members and Weight Watchers......

Path to Health

Lynn said...

Actually, sometimes it *is* about the leader. It took my husband and I a while to find a leader that we could click with, but once we did... I wouldn't give her up for love nor money! She makes a huge difference to us...

Southeast Virginia, eh? Guess you're probably in my neck of the woods, as I'm in Chesapeake ;-)