Monday, June 15, 2009

Weight Watcher Weigh-In Week 9

OK so this week at the meeting was a bit uneventful weight loss wise...other than the fact that their computers were down due to scheduled maintenance which seemed silly to me on a Saturday. But what do I know. I did not go down...but I didn't go up either. So I call it a victory. I know one of things I need to work on this week is my water intake. When I'm good about my liquids my weight goes down. I know this...I plan on focusing this weekend.

Another cool thing that came about...I made a WW buddy. A woman next to me was lamenting that she was horrible at tracking and just needed someone to keep her honest. I offered to text her daily to check and see how she was doing. Also a friend from college is in my meeting too. And another friend is considering joining with me. I like having people there that know I should be there it keeps me honest.

Week 9

Weigh-In: 0
Total: -9.6

Weekly Meeting Topic: Burn Calories Not Cash

So this weeks' meeting was supposed to be about "Ways to get fit for free * or cheap" and she had a list of ways to save money on the's the list.
  • Take a walk $7,834
  • Ride a bike $7,714
  • Buddy-up $1,300
  • Watch TV or Web $1,200
  • Clean-up Clutter $3,600
  • Make Your Gym $1,200
    work for you
We got through part of the list but not all in the hour I was there because our leader took the first 20-30 minutes to talk about her personal health problems. Which to be fair she has some serious issues but I felt like we were a captive audience. So to be honest I'm not exactly sure how these save you money according to Weight Watchers but I'll give you my take.

Take a walk...It costs very little to take a walk. You need a good pair of shoes and that is about it. Now in my case my trip to work is not walkable or bikeable but I have been known to walk to the 7-11 near my house. Now that our weather is getting hotter and more humid walks become a little bit less likely but still doable.
Ride a bike...if you live close to work, errands, etc take your bike. It certainly costs less than putting gas in your car.
Buddy-Up...if you know that you have to meet someone you are less likely to skip a workout which means if you've joined a gym you're not wasting money. And it keeps you dedicated.
Watch TV or Web...if you already have a Monthly Pass with Weight Watchers there are a lot of workouts on the website you can use. Or just google workouts...there are a lot of free resources out on the web.
Clean-up Clutter...first off this gives you activity points. But you can also turn around and sell it at a garage sale, eBay, Craigs List, etc and make some money.
Make Your Gym Work for you...I can't tell you how many resources most gyms offer that are often overlooked by members. I love the Y for some of the extras they give and many other gyms offer classes, screenings, leaders, dietitians, etc. as resources. Find out what your gym offers and use it.


My 3 Month Challenge said...

I agree that the buddy system really works!! I made some gym buddies lately and it certainly keeps me more motivated to go to the gym :> Last night it was raining thunder & lightning too, but my gym buddy and I made it over to the gym anyway! :)

Mama Bear June said...

I don't get the money amounts. Ya probably had to be there, huh? And that's really too bad about the leader talking about personal stuff. That should be saved for after the meeting. The members aren't paying to hear one person's medical woes.
Path to Health

Annalisa201 said...

;) Bloggin keeps you honest too (as well as having friends at WW)... it's helped me a whole lot anyway! Love your blog. Here to support you :)