Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 in Review

In many ways 2009 was a good year...in some ways I still hope for more in 2010.

January: J and I rang in the New Year with some dear friends...it was a good night and we had a great time! We looked forward to a good year. And he said that 2009 had started so much better than 2007 for him and 2008 brought great things.

February: February was a month of ups and downs...it brought our 1 year anniversary...Valentine's Day...his sister's engagement all in a week's time. The anniversary was good...Valentine's Day celebrations could have been better. But we made a decision...we would celebrate our anniversary or Valentine's Day not both.

March: March brought the St. Patrick's Day dance at the Knights of Columbus. That was great fun!! J had stopped smoking for six months and March brought his downfall and he started smoking again.So we are working on that. March brought Eva's (fur baby) 1st birthday and a new addition of Ares (fur baby). Both are a joy to have.

April: Easter comes every year and when you work in a church you have to plan your life around it. J was a bit disgruntled that I had to be at work all morning on Easter. We got up to go to our church's Sunrise service and he decided that he would go to all of the services at work with me. He figured if he grumbled about not spending time with me he could come to work with me and be with me. It was very sweet. April also brought Eva's puppy training. She did well because we had worked with her.

May: His family was having their annual reunion in Indiana at a campground in August but plans begin earlier. They wanted us to come...14 hours drive...and money concerned us but we said we would try. May also starts the family celebration weeks. My Dad's birthday and Mother's Day back to back. May also brought Membership Classes at the church we attend. We decided if we were going to join we'd go through the steps needed.

June: June brought Father's Day and the beginning of the true summer weather. We volunteered through J's work to help with the Relay for Life. It was fun and enjoyable and amazing food. I went to talk to a Financial Counselor to get my finances in order. It sort of helped. Mom also came up with the idea that J and I get married at the family reunion in Indiana so his family could see it happen. We thought she was crazy...

July: July took me to court for a speeding ticket. Because of my good driving record I was able to go to Defensive Driving Class and keep my record clean. It also brought VBS at work...in Greece. (well a very well decorated Fellowship Hall made it feel like Greece) And it also brought a knee injury thanks to Ares (fur baby) a fifty pound pitbull running into my knee. Yeah it hurt. But he felt bad about it and gave me lots of kisses. J also asked my Dad for my hand. Old fashioned I know but I liked it, it was sweet.

August: We joined our church the first Sunday in August. My knee after some therapy healed. And I had both of my Fantasy Football drafts. The end of August brought my time off to go to the C family reunion. But I ended up working part of my vacation.

September: We departed Virginia Wednesday night and arrived in Indiana Thursday afternoon. We met with a retired UM pastor and got our marriage license. We went to the camp ground and got settled in our cabin. Then Friday night we revealed to the whole family that we were getting married on Saturday. Everyone was thrilled and September 5th we became Mr. & Mrs. Work wise in September we had our big first annual Carnival. It was a huge success and very not stressful!

October: J decided that his 30 something body was still up for playing soccer with the youngins. He held his own but the late nights got to him and he decided he'd bow out in favor of spending time with family. I took a study at work about Praying in Color it was awesome and hoped to use it in my daily devotionals. We also started our "premarital counseling" with our pastor. We passed with flying colors. We also had our engagement photos taken with our photographer. They were fun and turned out well. For Halloween we went to our church for Trunk or Treat. I think it would be something good for my work to look into too.

November: We went to Ocracoke Island, NC. If you ever have a chance you should go. It is the place that time forgot in a good way. You walk everywhere, everyone knows  everyone, it is peaceful. We loved it. We also suffered a horrible Nor'Easter. It was as bad as any hurricane I'd been through. We lost the chimney topper to our chimney and some slate. We also lost electricity for five days due to a tree falling on a line.

December: We had a busy December with a Drive-Through Nativity at work. The Pre-K Christmas Celebration at work. My birthday...which included a dinner at Melting Pot. Yummy. A Blue Christmas Service at work. Four Christmas Eve services that needed bulletins. And of course Christmas and New Year's.

whew what a year...but I wouldn't change it for the world....looking to 2010!