Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I love shopping for clothes, purses, home goods, fun shoes, and even hardware. But I hate shopping for started probably in 4th grade when I got my first one that was scratchy and uncomfortable. Since then I've never liked bra shopping. I admit part of it is a modesty that I have...and part of it is that when you are a 40DD bra choices are not too pleantiful.

I will admit it has gotten better even VS has some bras for us bigger girls. But the clerks at least at the one near me seem to be a bit judgemental. Now in the past I've had some very good experiences with Victoria's Secret and service but lately it has been a bit iffy.

I love a place across the water called the Full Cup. They have amazing service and they are patient with the fact that not every bra fits everyone. They have a great selection too. But you pay for it.

I know...I know I'm being picky...I want good service, pretty bras, and not have to pay half my salary in the process. Greedy I know. But a girl can dream.

I am in desperate need of a new bra or three but I've been putting it off until I get through the wedding on Sunday. And because I hate it. But I'm trying to look on the bright side...VS is having a sale. Good deals abound.


Pretty Things said...

I despise it, too. I was sneeringly turned away from Victoria's Secret when the size 0 said "we have nothing here that would fit you". Cripes. So I went to Soma and they fit me just fine.