Friday, February 5, 2010

My loves and other things that make me happy...

Since I did a list of my pet peeves I thought I should do a positive list of thing I here are some things I enjoy and or love...

  1. My husband...he is an amazing man and I am a lucky woman. I love knowing that at the end of a day no matter how crappy it will be better because he will be there at home. (He's military and I'm spoiled at the moment because in the near future this won't be the case.)
  2. My pets...I have two dogs and four cats...I love them because they have cute personalities and quirks. Cuddling with them makes things better.
  3. My family...I am blessed with loving parents and a wonderful brother...he was the "Man of Honor" at my wedding and it was perfect. And I'm blessed with amazing in-laws, his parents are wonderful and so are my 6 sisters-in-law and my 1 brother-in-law.
  4. People who do something nice for a stranger on a random day just because they can not because they have to.
  5. The smell of bread reminds me of home growing up as a child.
  6. The taste of ice cream...especially makes my day better...
  7. Babies...I don't want children of my own but a baby melts my heart every time. And my husband holding one...gooeyness. 
  8. A crisp fall day with the crunch of leaves under my feet...this is when I miss New England.
  9. Snow falling...I love watching snow fall and cover everything with a white blanket.
  10. A nice hot beverage (coffee, hot cocoa, hot cider) on a cool evening cuddled up on my couch.
  11. Knowing I have friends I can call at the drop of a hat if I need them...


Pretty Things said...

You sound truly blessed! :-)