Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Big D - Divorce

First off let me say this is not about J and I. We are doing great we just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary in September.

The end of summer and this fall have been a difficult time for my family. My father has asked my mother for a divorce. It has been a core shaking event in my life and in my family. They have been married for 42 years. I'm not going to go into the details because that is their business but I will say it has been a tough journey. My father is not behaving in any way like the man I thought I knew. I realize my parents are people and they aren't perfect, they make mistakes, etc but I've always been a daddy's girl and this has been hard. He keeps using the phrase "clean brake" well that doesn't work after 42 years and two children. The kicker is that this came right after my brother got married and right before J left so it was a lot all at once.

Our main concern is that mom is taken care of financially. She has health issues that make a job difficult at best so she will be dependent on alimony. Ultimately we think she will be fine but this isn't the life she expected so she is going through a mourning process over the divorce and over the loss of the life she thought she had. My brother and I just want the best for her. The good news is as part of this she is being much more adventurous. So we'll see. But it is a tough transition for all of us.


Rebecca Jo said...

After 42 years? Oh wow... that's just sad...

University of Iowa Meg said...

Keeping you guys in my prayers!