Monday, October 25, 2010

Some of my Favorite Blogs are Having Giveaways

Lori Anderson is giving away a copy of this book! She has a design in it that is stunning. Check out Pretty Things to enter.

Elisabeth over at Beads for Busy Gals is giving away a copy of this magazine! Her story about it is rather amusing because we've all been there. Check out Beads for Busy Gals to enter.


Elisabeth said...

Thanks so much for the shout out - it is much appreciated! I'm always thinking good thoughts for you while J is away! Elisabeth

University of Iowa Meg said...

Meg- Thanks for your comment. There was a death in the family...under very unfortunate circumstances. So thank you again. That means a lot. AND I've made some wonderful jewelry out of the beads you sent soon as things settle here, I will post about them :) BTW, thanks for the info about the giveaways!