Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I will Thrive...Deployment stories

J is in Japan for three years. It is his last three years and we'll get to see each other but it is tough none the less. Most of the time I do fine...I have moments but overall I'm good. And I've decided to set deployment goals for the time he is gone. I figure a) goals are good, b) goals will keep me busy, and c) goals will help the time pass.
Just like my business I've decided that you guys can help keep me honest. So here they are. If the list seems long keep in mind I have three years... (Please realize some of these require outside people)


  • Start my business selling purses and jewelry
  • Get back to working out regularly (it really helps with my stress level)
  • Work on eating healthier
  • Eat at home five nights a week
  • Cook at least three nights a week
  • Go out with friends or family once a week
  • Pamper myself once a month with a pedicure, manicure, etc

  • Get our basement and attic organized
  • Start getting other rooms cleaned out and put together
  • Paint the bedrooms
  • Put in a fence for the dogs (and me)
  • Replace carpet in the living room and upstairs
  • Paint the exterior of the house
  • Replace our garage door (it has issues)
  • Redo the bathroom
  • Get training on inDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop
  • Work to expand our Carnival
  • Revamp our marketing publications 


University of Iowa Meg said...

You've got lots of exciting goals!! You can do it!

Elisabeth said...

This is great !! I know you can do it!