Monday, December 13, 2010

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

This weekend was busy busy busy but so much fun.

Friday brought our annual Christmas Party at the pastors' home. They prepare the main dish and we bring sides. Then we do a Dirty Santa Christmas exchange. (Let me explain...everyone brings a gift. We all draw numbers. You can either open a gift or take someone else's gift. Every year the alcohol is the biggest hit. Yes I work in a church.) This year the Pastors decided to do a pig pickin' and roast a whole pig. I had the job of finding the pig. Interesting process I tell you. We had a great time and it was very laid back which was nice.

Saturday my friends S and T and I went to see Love and Other Drugs. It was a good movie and the storyline was great but there was lots of sex and nudity. Much more than we were expecting. It has a very sweet ending. I would recommend it just be prepared. Then my day of early birthday surprises began...first T and S paid for my movie and my snacks. Then we went to lunch at Plaza Azteca where I was surprised by my friend A and her daughter A with balloons. They "accidently" mentioned that it was my birthday so the servers sang happy birthday and gave me birthday Flan. It was too sweet and I was full so I didn't eat much but it was the thought that counts. Then we went to do some shopping and get Starbucks. Then they surprised me later with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings where our friend D and his kids K and K were. Then there was very delish Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cake. D said he wanted to pay for my dinner because he wanted to say thank you to J and I for the sacrifices we make for our country. And he wanted J to know that people were supportive of me back here with him over there. It was very sweet. T, S, and I finished the night at The Pub. We had a great time with way too much food. But I couldn't ask for better friends. I am truly blessed.

Sunday brought an attempt to go to church that was foiled by a bridge opening. So we went to lunch and did some shopping. Then we went to my work for the First Place 4 Health class intro and I set up for our Blue Christmas service. Then home. It was a long day too. But lots of fun!


Anonymous said...

Hey, if you ever plan to roast another pig, La Caja China (the Cuban pig-roasting box) and I have released our first cookbook, "La Caja China Cooking."

Lots of traditional Cuban recipes, as well as Southern US favorites, and a few from around the world!

- Perry