Friday, December 17, 2010

My Favorite Piece of Jewelry

I do not have an engagement ring by choice. My husband and I never had a formal engagement but he did talk to my father and he asked me prior to us getting married if I wanted to marry him. But we decided that an engagement ring wasn't needed. At the time we were trying to take care of other expenses so we decided that spending a chunk of money on an engagement ring wasn't needed. And when it came to a wedding band I wanted a simple white gold band. It amazed me when we went to look at rings and I said I didn't want diamonds in my band some of the looks and comments we got from sales people. But I knew what I wanted. 

I think part of it is having been married before I have different expectations and needs this time around. I would have been happy with a piece of string tied around my finger as long as I was marrying J. He is my port in a storm and thanks to him I have a home not just a house. 

To me this ring means more than a $10,000 diamond ring because J gave it to me out of love, faith, and commitment. And he gave it to me as part of our commitment to God and each other. Now don't get me wrong if you and your spouse decided to get an engagement ring I'm very happy for you and think it is great!! But for us this was the right decision.


Poekitten said...

Good for you knowing what you wanted! The relationship is so much more important than the jewelry. I did want a diamond (and got one) however I put a size limit on it. I didn't want anything bigger than a 1/2 carat total. I have small hands and big rings look funny. Also, I did want him to spend tons of money on it. My wedding band is a simple, thin white gold band. I also got funny looks when I said no diamonds on it:) I love my simple rings. I don't need diamonds to know that my husband loves me!