Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seriously...who are public bathroom stalls designed to fit

Humorous not graphic I promise...I can't stand graphic bathroom stories.

Sunday I went out to lunch with a girlfriend at Red Lobster. After lunch we went to the ladies room. There was a handicapped stall and two "regular" stalls. I've never felt so cramped in a bathroom in all my life. Now admittedly I'm not a huge person but I'm not tiny either.

First to get in and get the door closed I have to sort of turn around and back over the toilet (I should explain I was in heels and a shorter jean skirt) well I encountered my first problem. I had barely enough room to get my legs on either side of the toilet to get the door closed. Then I realize that the door won't lock but darn it I'm in so I decided to lock it the best I can and block as needed. I move forward to undress and sit down. They have the toilet paper holder and the feminine trash can up on the wall between shoulder and elbow height if seated. This should work except they have them on either side of the toilet so you're cramped further. I go to the bathroom then becomes the challenge of getting the toilet paper I accomplish this with a move I like to refer to as the cowgirl. Then comes the getting up and getting out. I get up...get dressed...and back over the toilet again to open the door and get out.

The good news is the bathroom was clean. The door didn't open. And I didn't get stuck. I've just never felt so cramped in my life. Port-a-Potties give you more room. Insane.