Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thank God for Pets!

Most of the time my dogs help keep me sane while J is gone. (Not to say they don't pluck a nerve every once in a while) They often provide me with a good laugh. Ares is really my little joker as it were. A few anecdotes from the Ares file.

  • Head of Steel: He likes to shake toys...his rope and his stuffed toys for example. While he was shaking he accidentally hit his head on our very very sturdy coffee table. He sat stunned for a second, shook his head, and went back to shaking his toy.
  • Lover Not A Fighter: He likes to love our cat Otis. So he decided to give Otis kisses...well he has a big tongue so poor Otis ended up drenched. Ares was very proud of himself.
  • Crafty: He is a smart boy. Food got under his food bowl (they have the elevated food bowls) he couldn't get down to reach so he nudged his food bowl out until he could reach it.
  • Weird: I had a grapefruit in my lunch bag (a whole grapefruit) it was down where he could reach it. He pulled the grapefruit out and proceeded to play with it and attempt to eat it.
  • A.D.D.: When I take him outside to do his business he'll squat and see a squirrel or a bird and try and chase it instead of doing his business. Or it will take 20 minutes to do his business because he smells the grill next door or he sees a cat or he hears a car or a multitude of other things. So he keeps wandering around looking and sniffing.
  • Super Puppy: When we're coming in from the back sometimes instead of walking up the steps he'll leap up them. Literally he skips 2 or 3 steps by jumping. I'm always amazed he doesn't hurt himself.
  • Clumsy: He sometimes gets so excited he misses a step going up.
  • Nester: He nests in his blanket at bedtime. It takes him a good couple of minutes to get his blanket the way he wants it. If you touch it he just looks at you like WTH. He loves his blanket.
  • Kisser: Every morning between 5:00 AM and 5:30 AM he wakes me up with kisses. I sleep on my back usually so he walks up to the top of the bed and gives me lots of kisses to wake me up. He's so sweet and gentle you really can't get mad.


Whitney said...

Awwww... I love doggies!! I have been through a number of deployments from my husband, and my dogs always help me get through. They are my little buddies and always greet me with loves and smiles! I'm glad you have your little buddy to help you through!

We Four Explorers said...

Seriously, animals can be so stinkin' cute and innocent!
I used to love to watch our weimi on "squirrel patrol"...he's sit really still, and move only his eyes...then CHASE!
Hope all is well with you. I have lots of blog catching up to do.