Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Worst Nail Removal and Manicure Ever

Saturday I decided to pamper myself a little bit. I had had acrylic nails put on back in May for my pictures and kept them on while J was home because my nails looked better with them on. Well they weren't put on correctly in the beginning so they never quite looked right so I decided to have them removed on Saturday. I thought I would get a manicure after I had them removed as a pamper me moment.

J and I had gone to a place a couple weeks ago for pedicures and loved it. It was an amazing and relaxing experience. (We even bought a friend a gift card from there) So I thought I'd go back. Bad idea. Horrible idea. I assumed that nail removal would involve a bowl of acetone to soak them off. Nope...clippers, an unused nail, and her nails on occasion. Basically she peeled my nails off taking part of my natural nail with them. It hurt like hell. Thankfully there were only six.

Then she suggested their more advanced manicure with a scrub, hot tails, and a more extensive massage. Basically...she did a rush job there too. She didn't push my cuticles back at all...she just clipped a few places but not consistently, she through the scrub on and wrapped the towels for a few minutes, took those off, had me wash my hands, and then she rubbed lotion on my hands and armed, no massage just rubbed it in, then she wiped my nails with alcohol and layered thick layers of nail polish on my nails to hide the damage done by her removal method.

So I sat under the dryer and let them dry. Then came time to pay. And this is where it went from bad to worse. According to their price card removal of acrylic is $10 without a service and $5 with a service. So I assumed since they call manicures a service that it would be $5. They wanted to charge me $10. The lady who did my nails said since I didn't get a new full set it was $10. We had a major communication problem because she didn't speak English so another guy came up to help. I explained that I thought it was $5 based on the price list. They said no because I didn't get the new full set. We went back and forth and finally I said I would pay the $10 but I thought they should be more specific on their price list. The guy said "no, we'll only charge you the $5." The girl who did my nails was not happy. After she and the guy left I told the receptionist that I was very disappointed with my experience there that day. I told her my husband and I had been in there before and it was awesome but not today. I told her I felt rushed, I felt the removal of my nails was unprofessional and damaging, and that it was overall a horrible experience. She apologized and said she'd tell the management. I doubt I'll go back there again. I just couldn't get over it.

So now I'm back to growing out my very short and very thin natural nails. Wish me luck!


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Eeek! That sounds horrendous!

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