Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Land of the Free...Because of the Brave

 Ok maybe it is the way I was raised...maybe it is because I'm a military brat...maybe it's because I'm a military wife...maybe it's because I'm an American...but there are a few things I believe...

  • Respect the National Anthem.You should stand, take your hat off, stop talking, and put your hand on your heart (or at your sides) when the National Anthem is sung or played.
  • Respect the American Flag. If you put a flag out you have it lit or take it in at night, get rid of it properly if it is looking ratty or otherwise torn, and make sure it is not touching the ground.
  • Respect the President. Whether you like him (or her) or not, respect the President of the United States because they are the President of the United States.
  • Respect the Men and Women who serve in the military. I'm sorry you disagree with our actions in other countries but the freedom of speech does not give you a right to bash the very people who defend that freedom (the military protesters kill me). 
  • Respect our Country. Ok I get it you don't like what the government is doing and yes it is your right to ask questions and challenge them to do better. But that very country/government that you bash is the reason you can bash it. If you lived in a lot of other countries you would be drug out in the street and beat or killed for saying anything against the government or the country. So respect and appreciate that you are an American. 
I'm sure there is more but I've ranted enough for one day so for today I'm done.