Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Top 10

Top 10 - Things That Make Me Think About My Husband and smile...

  1. His clothes...I find random pieces every once in while like a sock or a t-shirt
  2. His body wash...I leave the partially used bottle in the shower
  3. The's his space and it reminds me of him
  4. His sits in the driveway waiting for him
  5. Our Kitchen...before we met he renovated our kitchen and it is his pride and joy so every time I cook I think of him and smile
  6. Our basement...when he was home on R&R he reorganized our basement which has made things much easier for me
  7. His cologne...ok true confession...sometimes I spray a bit on my pillow case
  8. Our house in is the site of our first date...our first kiss...etc...and it has a lot of memories for me
  9. My wedding ring...he's given it to me twice and I never take it off...every time I see it I smile
  10. Our song...we danced to "Then" by Brad Paisley at our wedding and it fits us so much...I still remember the tear on his cheek as we danced (he would kill me for sharing that)


Anonymous said...

Hai, glad to read your writing, Thank's to share