Thursday, September 13, 2012

Deployment Murphy Style

My "Guard" Dogs...
So last night was fairly typical. I went out with a girl friend of mine to see Expendables 2 and was home before 11:00 pm. My cat got out when I got home but I was able to get him back in before I went to bed. All was normal when the dogs and I went to bed. I set the alarm and we went to sleep. Around 1:00 am my alarm started going off like the system had been breached. I go downstairs to check things out because the front door hadn't made noise but the system was saying it was the front door. The sensor is off the door I clip it back on. So I call the company and tell them it is a false alarm. We go back up to bed. We get settled and about 15 minutes later it goes off again. So I go down and the sensor is off the door again. Now I'm getting paranoid that someone is messing with the door causing it to come off. So I call the non-emergency line for the police. They come out and check around the outside of the house and see nothing. So we go back to bed. The alarm goes off again. This one was my fault because I forgot to set the motion detector part right. So needless to say it was a bit of a rough night in our household. Then when I let the dogs out this morning the cat snuck out again and as off the time I had to come to work he was still out.

The second kicker...the alarm company wants to come check the system because although it's working it seems to be having issues. I need to schedule an appointment for them to come out. However, I can't because I'm not on the account so J needs to call. I explain he can't call but I have a POA. They have to have me fax it to them and it will take 7-10 business days to get me in the system and then I can schedule it. I'm going to see if there is a chance that J can call them or email them but it's looking like a long process to me.

The picture above is my dogs after we went back to bed after the third time of the alarm going off. I couldn't sleep but they had no problem. Way to guard guys, way to guard.