Friday, September 14, 2012

Journey with Jenny: 2nd weigh in

On Saturday I went back to Jenny to get my food and to weigh in. I weigh in every two weeks. I've decided to not count any weight except for the weight at the center. I went in hoping to remain the same but completely braced for a gain. I'd had a rough week...Labor Day weekend brought some not so good things. Friday I was in a minor car accident, Saturday a good friend of mine's husband died and I had to do a funeral at work for a Navy gentleman who received full military rites (a tad close to home), and the week following Labor Day I lived at my friend's house being there for her. So needless to say I didn't exactly eat Jenny food very often for about 7-8 days. I shared this with my Jenny counselor and we bit the bullet and I hopped up on the scale. Turns out I did better than I thought.

8/11/2012: Starting Weight: 246.6
9/8/2012: 238.8 = 1.4 (7.8 loss total)

So I guess I did better at portion size and movement than I thought. Whoo hoo!!


Mrs. Duh said...

That sounds like a very rough week. Way to go on the weight loss!