Friday, September 7, 2012

MilSpouse (First) Friday Fill-In #74

1. What’s one thing in the past month you would have changed?It's been a rough month at work. We've had a co-worker die, a co-worker's spouse die, and a co-worker with lots of health issues. I would definitely change all of that. It's caused a lot of stress for all of us emotionally and physically.
2. What was your favorite thing that happened in August? 
The fence was completed enough that we could use it in the backyard for the puppies. They love it. Lots of freedom for them to run around. It still needs to be stained and finished but we're close.
3. What did you do to celebrate Labor Day?Not too much I had to work Saturday and Labor Day was spent running some errands I needed to take care of including looking at a new fridge.
4. What do you HAVE to have handy by your bedside?
My cell phone, a bottle of water, a flashlight, and my Kindle
5. What are you looking forward to in September?
A slightly calmer time at work although we're getting ready to start a building project so it will probably be hectic but exciting.
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