Thursday, May 21, 2009

Church Membership Class lesson 4 - Baptism

Last night at our church membership class we learned about the United Methodist's belief about baptism. Most of it I knew but I did learn a few things along the way. And in honor of it I want to share a YouTube clip. In this clip a child cannonballs into the baptismal font. And the pastor is caught off guard. It is a humorous clip. But the clip isn't what got my attention the comments are what got my attention. People are getting into a very theological discussion about how if this youth doesn't take his baptism seriously he shouldn't get baptised, etc. And I look at it very differently but I often do... I think all of us should have that enthusiasm about becoming a child of God. I for one think that baptism is a celebration and should be fun. We are becoming a part of God's family. God is claiming us and if it is an older person we are claiming God. If that isn't a reason for celebration I don't know what is. Besides who said faith and church have to be serious? Shouldn't we be having fun? I for one think my faith is fun and my God is one who most definately has a sense of humor.