Thursday, May 14, 2009

Great finds...

OK so I love finding new stores online or in person and I thought I would share them. I love all things girly smelling...Bath & Body Works, Victoria Secret, and Molton Brown line my shower so I can rotate. J still does not understand the need for variety but likes the result so he lives with it. (He uses the same shower gel every day...and he buys in threes so he uses the same scent for a while) So when I saw this store I fell in love and had to share. Not Soap, Radio is a great site with wonderful looking concoctions of bath gel, shampoo, make-up, etc. and since they have themes like Greek life, bridal, diet, pick-me-ups, etc. how can you go wrong? When you have some time take a is a great site.

The second one involves my other love...clothes...Fred Flare it too is a neat site with an interesting mixture of clothes...some vintage, some new, all nifty. Enjoy!