Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weight Watchers Weigh-In Week 5

So...it turns out that you can't eat whatever you want and still lose weight...what the heck? Seriously I usually allow myself one day a week that is a "free day" I make healthy choices but I splurge that day without beating myself up about it. Usually that day is Saturday or Sunday. Last week that day was Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And the scale tattled on me. So I went in early on Saturday to weigh in because we had to take puppy to the vet for his final shots. And the results....

Weigh-in: +1.4
Total: -6.0

The gain instead of sending me spiraling sent me into a challenge mode. I will beat this...I will win in weight-loss. This is a big step for me...in the past I would have gotten angry and said screw it. Now I realize that it is my doing and that I can make the changes needed to help me lose weight. I love food. I love to eat. Eating has always been an emotional thing for me. I need to find new ways to deal with my emotions. Fat and happy is not for me. I just want to be happy.


Rebecca Jo said...

Good for you for not getting frustrated but looking at it as a challenge!! Keep going! You'll be a GREAT number next week!