Monday, December 14, 2009

Engage Brain...Then Mouth

So this weekend was another full one. J hates how full our weekends are sometimes but it seems no matter how bland I try to make them something comes up. So we'll see what happens this weekend.

At work we host a Drive-Through Nativity for our community. It is an amazing experience and I hope to put up some pictures of it later this week. It runs Friday and Saturday from 5:30-8:00 PM. We came up Friday and J got to go out and play a shepherd at the Nativity scene. Then Saturday we came up and J (who has a good deep voice) got to sing with the Carolers. He loved it but he was reluctant at first.

Well prior to that we got into a conversation with one of the youth about going into the military or going to college. As a man who skipped college and enlisted in the Navy J was advising the young man to go to college and then if he wants to, go into the military upon graduation. Well the youth left and his mother asked J and another gentleman if they got him straight. And we explained that we advised college then the military.

Another woman who is an officer overheard the conversation and put in her two cents about how the young man would hate being enlisted because anyone with an IQ over 100 will hate being told what to do, etc. She recommended going to college, through ROTC, and then onto being an officer. And I made a comment about how as an active duty enlisted man J commented that he wished someone had told him about other options. She said "well I'm not saying your husband is stupid" to which I had to bite my tongue...not to say something about officers. My father is retired Air Force and he had some officers around him from time to time that amazed me they could tie their shoes let alone command a group of men.

I realize that I'm protective of my husband and I probably took her comment wrong. But it amazes me how people make comments without A) Knowing their audience and B) without thinking about how it could be taken. And my husband was valedictorian he could have successfully gone to college...and he trains officers to do what he husband jokes I'm the brains of the operation but he is very smart and it frustrates me that people make comments like that.