Friday, December 4, 2009

Missing Out

J and I have thoughtfully and prayerfully made the decision not to have children. We have two dogs and four cats, more than enough to keep us busy really. And I won't go into all the reasons for not having children but it was not a hasty or light decision for us. We love children...but we also love giving them back to Mom and Dad.

I will admit though I sometimes feel like we miss out on some things because we don't have children...whole conversations, firsts, birthday parties, play dates, clothes & toy shopping, etc. Now don't get me wrong we shop for friends kids and for nieces and nephews. But it is a bit odd going to a child's birthday party when you don't have a child. I've done it and I enjoy but answering "which one's yours?" gets awkward sometimes when none of them are.

We continue to stand by our decision to not have children but I do think there is a separate society of sorts for those with children that has its own language and everything. For now we will brag about our dogs and enjoy our freedom.


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh dear one... I completely know how you feel. I have no children of my own, my husbands daughters have all grown - but the looks you receive when you say, as a woman, you have no children... no one can understand unless you've been there. So you at least know you have one person you can turn to to chat about how it makes you feel...