Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bra Shopping...Exciting or Torture

This weekend I'm going to The Full Cup for a bra fitting. They are a wonderful place with wonderful staff who treat those of us being fit for a bra delicately. As a girl who is well endowed in that area this has always been a torturous experience for me and they make it bearable. Because of my size I'm self conscious about standing in my bra in front of someone other than my husband or my doctor and they put me at ease.

Every time I go for a fitting I think back to my first bra buying experience. I developed early so in 4th grade Mom took be to buy my first bra. And because "it was a special occasion" it was a production. We went to a department store in Anchorage (we lived in Eagle River at the time) and we picked out a training bra. I will never for get that was padded and had this horrible itchy lining. But the sales clerk said it was great. Then because that wasn't enough fun we went to dinner "to celebrate." To this day I don't understand the celebration over buying a bra. I mean I get the whole womanhood thing but as a 10 year old girl a bra is not exciting at least it wasn't to me. None of my friends had them so I was the first.

Well I ended up getting a raw spot or a rash due to the lining so Mom decided the bra needed to go back. We went back to the department store only this time the clerk was a man. Whoo hoo can it get any better. So Mom explains as my face is getting redder to the clerk about the fact that this bra has a scratchy lining and that it is causing issues so we want to return it. Not believing he decides to feel it himself and surprisingly agrees it is scratchy. So he shows us some "preteen" bras made of cotton. To this day those were my favorite bras. Little triangles of pink, yellow, and white cotton with no underwire. The most comfortable bras I would ever wear...little did I know. So although having a male clerk was embarrassing to a 10 year old girl he knew what he was doing and did a great job. 

No wonder I hate bra shopping...I've been buying and wearing bras for 24 years. Holy Cow that is crazy. Boys have it easy...


University of Iowa Meg said...

HILARIOUS! I just wrote a post about bras too!! We are so like-minded :)