Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last Words

I am a fan of "How I Met Your Mother" it is a funny show that has a great cast. Usually it gives me a good laugh on Monday nights. Until the last two episodes...in the previous episode we learn that Marshall's dad died and in last night's episode they had his Dad's funeral. The theme was last words his Dad had said to his family. Marshall was stressed because his Dad's last words to him were about Crocodile Dundee III but as the show progressed you learned his Dad had left a voice mail telling him that he loved him.

It got me thinking about some of the last words I've said to people in my life. In the case of J and I we always say "I love you." So every email, voice mail, phone call, and IM communication ends with "I love you." But in the case of some of my other family and friends what last words would they remember? Plans for an event, lunch plans, questions, etc. So I wonder should I make more of an effort to leave people with profound last words or do I leave them as they are leaving it open for another day. I guess for me I foolishly assume I'll see them again. But for those I see seldom I do think I'll make sure to leave it on a positive and semi-serious note. And make sure they know I love them.


University of Iowa Meg said...

This is my fave show too- and the last two episodes have been a little more emotional than I'm used to with that series! Hopefully things get back to a more funny place in the coming episodes!