Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Will Thrive - Deployment Stories

Hamilton Beach Programmable Crock Pot - Picture from Target
Cooking Deployment Style

I admit I was quite spoiled before J left. If I planned the menus, did the grocery shopping and had the recipe easily accessible he would cook dinner when he got home since he got home earlier than I did. It was so nice to get home and not have to worry about starting dinner at 6:30 PM. So when he left I tried to stick to the menu planning and it worked at first but I admit by the time I get home at 6:30-6:45 PM I really don't feel like doing a lot of cooking. So I started going out to eat...this is not good for my budget or my waistline. So as part of my First Place 4 Health weight loss I decided to get back to menu planning. And I decided the crock pot would be my friend. That is until my crock pot went on the fritz and started burning things.

So Monday night I went to Target and bought the Hamilton Beach Programmable Crock Pot with thermometer
and Tuesday I tried out my first recipe in it. Fix It and Forget It's Sweet and Sour Chicken. So I put everything in the pot and set the program to cook for 6 1/2 hours on low and then go to warm. It worked beautifully. I came home to an almost completely cooked dinner. I had to add some cornstarch per the recipe and cook some rice. Thanks to Trader Joe's frozen brown rice that took 3 minutes. It was great!!