Monday, January 31, 2011

The Lost Valentine

Last night I decided I would watch this movie. I had my DVR recording it so I could have watched it later but now I decide to watch it last night. It was my first night back in my house following having my wisdom teeth pulled. And so I sat and watched this touching story of a Navy bride whose husband had gone MIA so many years ago and yet she waited. She waited to see him again or to hear what had happened. To say Betty White was brilliant in this movie is an understatement. She did a great job! Both she and Jennifer Love Hewitt tell a great story of love and loss. I highly recommend watching this movie but be prepared with tissues. I realize I may be more emotional when it comes to this movie because A) it is a Navy wife, B) my husband is away, and C) I'm still recovering but it was a tear jerker. But well worth the tears.


Rebecca Jo said...

I have the book... but havent read it in years... so forgot about the tear jerker it was.

I loved it... so glad I caught it last night!