Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book Review - Give God a Year

As I've mentioned I've started leading First Place 4 Heath at the church where I work. It is a four-sided approach to weight loss. It focuses on the mind (scripture memorization, keeping a "live it tracker"), strength (exercise, eat well), soul (prayer, Bible Study, Scripture reading), and heart (connect with other at meetings, offer intentional acts of encouragement) to get us more balanced in our lives. Their attitude is "give us a year." So I've committed to lead this class for a year. So far it has served me well I've lost 5lbs since January 6th. I'm pleased.

As part of this I decided to read Carole Lewis' book Give God a Year, Change Your Life Forever. If you are wrestling with parts of your life particularly your relationship with God I cannot recommend this book enough. It has chapter titles like "Accepting the Challenge," "God's Will for Us," "Attitude is everything," and "Emotional Healing." How would our lives be different if we gave God a year to change and work in us? I'm making a pledge to give First Place a year and to give God a year.


University of Iowa Meg said...

Oooh I like this! I will definitely check these out!