Monday, October 19, 2009

My first 5K

So this weekend was filled once again...but fortunately not a food fest.

Friday after work I went to the salon to get my hair back to my natural color. I got there at 3:30 PM. I didn't leave until 8:00 PM. I had dyed my hair black and so it had to be bleached three times to get the color out. Then she put a glaze and a few highlights to brighten it back up again. Apparently 3 times of being bleached is rough on hair... who'd of thunk. But Carol did an amazing job. When I got home J was in a bit of an off mood and I was exhausted. So when he hit me with the idea of going me going to our friends' house to spend time with K while he went to see "Paranormal Activity" with R I thought he was crazy. But it worked out she was exhausted and not up for it so the boys went to the movie on their own. He tried to talk me into going but I knew I would not like scary so I passed. He got home late and said it was the scariest movie he'd ever seen. So glad I didn't go...I cleaned house instead. Much better...

Saturday we went with our friends Traci and Sheila and Traci's guy, Gary to walk/run the 5K at the Shipyard. J ran it, Traci and Gary ran/walked it, and Sheila and I walked it. All and all we were happy. Then we went to IHOP for breakfast which was good because we were starving. When we got home I showered and went to Pin Ups for my haircut. (It was supposed to happen last night but it was so late it got rescheduled to today) It turned out great...Jackie is amazing. Then I got home relaxed a bit and we went to Johnny and Rachael's for their open house. We had fun and good food. Then we stopped at Tony's for a bit and came home.

Sunday we went to church...then we stopped by Rod and Kendra's to pick up our heater. We hung out for a bit talking to Rod and Kendra. They are wonderful people. Then we went to lunch/dinner with Mom and Dad at the German restaurant. Very yummy! Then we went to Care-a-Lot for pet stuff and to Food Lion for people stuff. Then home. All and all a good weekend but way too short.