Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpin' Iron

So today was my first day doing weights on my own. I went in and did 20 minutes on the Cybex Arc Trainer which I love because I burn more calories in less time. Whoo hoo. Then I started my 10 machine workout as assigned by my trainer. I worked my arms, legs, abs, and back. It was good. Right now I'm doing 2 sets of 8 reps. I haven't done weights in a while so I wanted to be nice to myself and start out slow. It felt good.

So my plan is
  • Monday=20 minute cardio + 40-45 minute weights
  • Tuesday=45-50 minute cardio
  • Wednesday=20 minute cardio + 40-45 minute weights
  • Thursday=45-50 minute cardio
  • Friday=20 minute cardio + 40-45 minute weights
  • Saturday=Activity of some sort
  • Sunday=rest
This week though I have a 5K on Saturday and I missed Tuesday's workout so I'm thinking those kind of balance each other.

Food wise I'm doing better the past couple of days. But still not getting all the fruits and vegetables I should. But I'm eating better than I have been.