Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Eating Fest...

So if I wasn't a foodie going into this weekend I am certainly one now.

Friday night we caught up with some friends we hadn't seen since Easter. We went to dinner at Hayashi Japanese Resturant which was very yummy and not too bad health wise. I had grilled shrimp with vegetables, rice, soup, and salad. And I had a glass of wine with dinner. Then we went to P & J's for wine afterwords. Still not too bad.

Saturday J got up early and took puppies for a three mile walk. He was trying to let me sleep in but we live near an industrial yard and they were running a drill over the loud speaker. And our neighbor's dog was barking like mad. So I got up...made coffee...and cleaned house a bit. Then J and I had some time to ourselves before heading to the mall. We walked around the mall for a bit. (an hour and a half) We had lunch at the mall which consisted of a slice of pizza (ham & pineapple for me), a garlic roll, and a bit of pasta. Not the best but felt it was balanced by our walking. We went to the bridal shop to check on my veil. I negotiated a sweet deal on it because of a small flaw. Then we went home and napped. Before heading to my bosses' house for dinner. It was amazing...we had filet mignon with cheese on top, with fruit salad, brocoli casserole, salad, and a crescent roll. It was so very yummy. It was probably not as healthy as it should have been but it was a celebration of us getting married.

Sunday we went to church. Then I got home and Dad and I went to the opera. It was La Boheme and they did a good job with it which was nice since we had seen it before. Then Dad dropped me off and we met Mom and Dad at the County Grill for dinner. It is a BBQ Smokehouse place. And usually I have a modest portion but in this case Prime Rib was the special. And I knew I should go for something else but it was too good so I ate it. Along with sides that weren't very healthy. But I really hadn't eaten much else throughout the day which is one of my bad habbits.

Monday we woke up at the crack of dawn to go to the YMCA for our "fitlinx" orientation. J decided he didn't really need it because all he is doing there is free weights. So he waited downstairs while the trainer walked me through. He explained a new cardio machine that I liked alot. And then he walked me through ten different weight exercises to complete my training. I did well on all of them. And enjoyed doing them. Then we came home and took care of the puppies. We fixed a healthy breakfast. And we took a short nap before we went to meet J's sister and her fiance for bowling. We had a good time. M and I probably bored the guys to death with wedding talk but we had fun. Then we went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. I got a Prime Burger with the salad bar. I ate way too much again because I was uncomfortable when we left. I should have eaten half or split the burger with J. Note for the future. We then went to the store and to a couple other places to walk around for a bit. We headed home and took care of the puppies.

I feel like the exercise we got countered the food we ate but I would have liked to have more exercise and less food. So today I am working on eating healthier. And I have my clothes with me to go to the gym after work and before my meeting tonight at work.