Wednesday, October 28, 2009

She has the crud...

Last week was a bit of a wash for working out for a number of reasons. This week hasn't been much better due to being under the weather. I stayed home from work sick on Monday and have been napping in the mornings after J leaves to try and catch up on my sleep. Perhaps tomorrow I'll try and get there. We'll see.

We had our pictures taken Friday and although they turned out good I really don't like the way I look. I look dumpy. It is a delusion really...that I've lived under that I look really don't look as big as I do. So when I saw the pictures I was disappointed and shocked at my size. So next week is my restart...

I want to feel better about how I look and feel.


Pretty Things said...

I was doing SO well on the weight loss front and then got the crud with a side of migraines. Bleh. I'm hoping to fee more normal next week.

As for having pictures taken -- I just don't do pictures. Any pictures taken of me lately have been a bit of eye, or a slice of smile or something.