Monday, June 21, 2010

Amish Grace

Friday morning I watched the movie "Amish Grace" it is based on the events that occurred in Nickel Mines at the Amish school house in October of 2006. This is an amazing movie. It is well written and touching. (a bit gut wrenching at times) There is a book by the same title that I still want to read too. In the real life story and in the movie I was moved by the forgiveness the families and the whole Amish community was able to offer to the shooters wife and family. Throughout the movie they talked about how it was their call from God to forgive. And how anger only ate at their heart it didn't hurt the shooter at all. It was such an amazing story of forgiveness in an almost unforgivable situation.

I cannot recommend the movie enough it was a wonderful movie and ultimately a testimony to forgiveness.