Friday, June 11, 2010

Being Military=Being Flexible & Patient

aka...why we are a bit insane at our house right now...

J is supposed to report to Japan the beginning of July. (Isn't that nice.) Before he goes to a boat he has to go to refresher school on his rate so he can do his job. Well that class is supposed to finish around the holiday weekend...problem that is the start of a long weekend and the class may or may not finish. So he may go into the week after that to finish and then have a later departure date or they may finish the class early and have him go on time. We do not know and probably won't until closer to the end of the month.

Since he was given this assignment he has changed ships three times and we think we have the final one. But with all things military nothing is final until the moment it is final. So we find out his ship and his departure date. And  we learn lessons in patience and flexibility.