Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Patience and Flexibility

If you have any association with the also have a very good understanding of these words. July 2nd J was supposed to complete his refresher course and fly out that evening for Japan. The start of his three year tour.

When he checked into school on Friday we learned that the refresher course is not going to be sufficient because he hasn't done this in four years so he has to go to the complete school. And the complete school isn't offered until September. So over the summer he'll be going to other refresher schools and then to his prep school and the to the complete school.

So he will not be leaving for Japan until September. I'm thrilled!!! But it took me a day to get there because I was in the sending him off mindset and now I get to go back to the having him home mindset for a few more months. We are coming up with some home projects and possibly a trip during the extra time we have. We are excited!


Elisabeth said...

Totally understand that tinge of disappointment (too strong a word - but can't think of a better one) when a last minute change in plans results in more time with your loved one. We always are in a mode of "let's go and get this done fast" :-) What a nice bonus summer you'll have!

Gwen said...

I watched my sister go through a lot of patience and flexibility with her husband. I'm glad you have a few extra months with him. Have a great time!!! XOXO

Preppy in Pink said...