Thursday, June 10, 2010

Under the Weather

No not me my babies puppies. While we were on vacation we boarded Eva and Ares at our vet. We've done this before no problems. We go to pick them up on Monday and they are not themselves. We get them home and get a closer look...both of them have lost enough weight that you can see their ribs which you couldn't before. (they weren't overweight) They are sneezy and have runny noses. Neither of them are too active. They aren't even messing with each other. (very very unusual) So I call the vet...they think they may have picked up a bug from a sick dog that was brought in. And since they were stressed by being boarded they were more easily exposed.

J is furious saying we will never board them again that we will take them everywhere we go. Not very practical. I'm leaning toward our neighbor the pet sitter (once we get our fence up). But I was surprised because we've never had a problem. And I guess I figure the vet is one place they shouldn't have an issue. Then my practical side kicks in and realizes that a vet office is like a people doctor's office...germs come in and get spread around.

So what about you take your pets with you? Do you board them? Do you hire a pet sitter?


Rebecca Jo said...

Poor babies... Yeah, my dogs get weird even after going to the groomers around other dogs. When we go somewhere, my parents actually come STAY at our house so the dogs are used to where they sleep & having someone snuggle with THEM! :)

Hope they perk up in the next few days.

BaileyGirl5 said...

Awwww. They look so pitiful. I bet of few days of snuggling on the couch with Mom will perk them up.

I'm going away on a vacation for the fist time in years in July and the thing that I'm dreading is leaving my dog. I'm embarrassed to tell people that because I have three kids! The kids and can talk and take care of themselves though. I'm worried that she'll think I left her.