Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Difference between my Husband and Myself in the Kitchen

{picture from Our Best Bites}

As I've mentioned I've started making out menus two weeks at a time. I put the menus up on the fridge with a list of needed ingredients and the location of the recipe. (although usually I try to get out the recipe) J gets home before I do so he starts (sometimes even to the point where I walk in the door to dinner) dinner before I get home. Well last night's menu was Stuffed Pizza Rolls from Our Best Bites (a great recipe site). I had written the recipe down from the website to try later but I read through the recipe with pictures on the site so I knew how it was supposed to work. It was a fairly easy recipe or so I thought. Apparently halfway through the recipe he was cursing my name. He overstuffed put the sauce and the toppings on the squares of dough and then they wouldn't cooperate into neat little pouches. So they turned out more like pizza tacos. Very yummy pizza tacos. And they were delightful!! Especially since I came home to them hot and fresh out of the oven. But I've learned a valuable lesson. Make sure the recipe fully explains each step or give J pictures because sometimes what seems obvious to me isn't to him. I don't even think it is a Mars vs. Venus thing. I think it is a experience vs no experience with certain recipes thing. So next time more detailed instructions will follow. Tonight...BBQ chicken...really easy...preheat the oven to put some BBQ sauce in a Corningware Pan, put in the chicken, make sure it is covered, bake until done. Enjoy!

P.S....I realize I'm blessed with an amazing husband. The fact that he cooks dinner for me is wonderful and frankly it could be burned to a crisp and I'd still eat it and say yum! And tonight's dinner of BBQ chicken was awesome. Sticky Finger Sweet Carolina Sauce is great!


Tina said...

The fact that your hubby would even ATTEMPT a recipe of anysort, or even attempt any sort of dinner prep is A W E S O M E! My hubby will barely pour a bowl of cereal himself, or hit a drive through. LOL

Josh said...

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Kristen said...

that's a great tip on making the menus ahead of times w/ ingredients listed. I imagine it makes shopping much easier when you already have in mind what you're making!

pizza tacos sound delicious in my book, btw.

Pretty Things said...

My husband cooks dinner every night and while the variety is kind of small, I'm thankful that he does it so I can work!