Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Review

It was a good weekend for us but Saturday was a busy one.

Friday was a relaxed evening for us at home.

Saturday involved a trip to Fresh Market to stock up for our next two week menu. It was a bit busy but not too bad. We decided to take the bike to a couple of gatherings. One about an hour away the other was about 20 minutes away. It was a nice day for a ride although we did hit a bit of rain on the way home. We got home and relaxed a bit.

Sunday was a laid back day. Laundry in the morning. Lunch with my parents at a local German restaurant. A "quick trip to Lowes" that lasted an hour. (pretty usual for us) Then home to relax. We finished the night with True Blood.

This week is Vacation Bible School at work and my co-worker is off this week. She claims it was coincidence but we're not so sure. ;-)