Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Update

So this weekend was big plans. My kind of weekend.

Friday I got off work almost on time. Whoo hoo so I go home and find J on his way out the door to go get lumber for building an arbor around our hot tub. (more on this later) I decide to relax on the couch with puppies. Good decision. He gets home and unloads stuff I decide I should start dinner. We eat dinner then I spend the evening inside while J spends the evening outside with our neighbor. Worked out well for all involved. Early to bed for me. Late to bed for J.

Saturday I get up to deal with dogs. J stayed in bed a bit to catch up from his late night. The morning was relaxed and that was nice. We watched Miracle and Invincible (you know I'm a sucker for sports movies). J decided he was still tired so he took a nap. I decided to go run some errands on Saturday. I stopped to get a cupcake on my way to getting a pedicure. I stopped by this salon and decided to try a bite of my cupcake before going in.(side note it was an amazing cupcake) All the sudden there is a guy in my side view gesturing for me to roll down my window. So I do...and he is asking me questions about how to get to a street that is less than a block up the road. So I tell him keep walking it is your next street with a traffic light. He goes on to tell me he's new to the area and isn't familiar with the area. Will this next street take him to Jefferson (another major street). Yes I explain then he says he is really trying to get to this 7-11 on Jefferson close to rt. 17. I explain to him that it is a long walk (15 minutes by car) and he might want to call his friend to see if he can come get him. He proceeds to ask me if I'm married. To which I respond "yes happily." He says he respects that. He asks me if I live at the house I'm stopped in front of. No. Then he asks if I work there. No. Then he asks me if I'd be will drive him to Jefferson the next major road. I say I'm sorry but I'm not headed that way so maybe he should call his friend. He walks off. I check the salon it is closed. So I get in my car make a u-turn and head elsewhere. If J had been with me maybe but not by myself. Weird. I go home and tell J the story. He agrees with my decision not to pick him up. We ordered dinner. Watch the movie The Cowboys. Then we decide to go out to a local putt putt and arcade. We play putt putt, then a racing game, then skee ball. My favorite. I love it. Seriously even as an adult I love it. (as a side note I beat J by one point in putt putt) This urks him.

Sunday was an equally leisurely day. Woke up. J went to work in the yard. I met Mom for lunch at Olive Garden. Came home relaxed. Made dinner. Finished the night making cookies and watching True Blood.

So what did you do this weekend? Any interesting stories?