Saturday, November 19, 2011

Emotional Shopping and Pampering

So Saturday night I met my Dad's new wife and his 9 year old stepdaughter (more on this in a later post) so Saturday morning and afternoon I did what any "rational" person would do I went on an emotional pampering and shopping spree. Saturday morning I called my salon and asked if Jackie was available to color my hair. She was if I could come right then. I hopped up off the couch, got dressed, washed my face, and went out the door with horribly tangled mess of hair. Jackie graciously combed the tangles out, applied color and wet styled it.

Then I went off to get Mom so we could go look for lighting for her dining room. First we went to IHOP for breakfast then we looked at lighting. It was quite a productive trip!

Then I went and got a pedicure and a shellack manicure. Loved loved loved the pedicure. Not so thrilled with the manicure. It is much more expensive and when I got home I noticed I had the shellack on my cuticles, the sides of my fingers, etc. so as a former nail biter and picker this is bad because it gives me stuff to pick at. I will probably try it again but I'm not thrilled with the current result.

Then off to NY and Co for some earrings and a great wallet.

Then home to relax with puppies and to get ready to go meet the step family. I know that hair coloring, pedicures, and manicures are not necessities but they certainly made me feel better.

Any of you have emotional shopping or pampering or both?


Elisabeth said...

I'm totally the same way - looking your best before you go through a prickly meeting is like putting on armor :-)