Tuesday, November 1, 2011

5K - 4 Days Away

If found on ground please drag across finish line

So on Saturday I am walking a 5K with my friend S. I really haven't done anything to prepare for it. I got out of the habit of walking the dogs because Ares had surgery and my Achilles Tendon was rubbed raw by a defective running shoe. So I'm trying to fit some walking into my schedule between now and Saturday. I know it won't fix it but I'm hoping it will make Saturday a little easier. I really meant to walk regularly to get ready for it. Things happen.

There aren't too many 5Ks left this year so my goal is to pick one or two for next year and plan on working on my walking prior to it. I've thought about doing the Couch to 5K but I'm not really into running. I lean more toward walking events like that.

So have you ever had good intentions of getting yourself ready for an exercise related event and then it sneaks up on you?