Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Top Ten Favorite Holiday Movies

It is that time of year where every character that has ever been written about has a holiday movie. (Shrek the Halls) And some of them I love...some of them I can't stand. Today is my top ten favorites...

10 - Elf - I admit this was a reluctant one for me to watch because I'm not a huge fan of Will Ferrell but I admit I love this movie. Especially the end about Christmas spirit...gets me every time.

9 - The Family Stone - although I find parts of this movie hard to watch I do think it is a great movie for Christmas. The Christmas gift exchange gets me every time.

8 - Fred Claus - this was a cute movie and Paul Giamatti as Santa Claus works perfectly. Along with Vince Vaughn and Kevin Spacey they make the movie. I'm a sucker for the happily ever after.

7 - The Miracle on 34th Street (circa 2004) - I love this movie it is so sweet and cute. And Santa wins!! I love the end when the little girl figures it all out.

6 - Christmas Shoes - This is a toss up between love and hate. I love the story but it is so gut wrenching that it is a tough one to watch. I think Rob Lowe does a great job in this movie.

5 - Christmas Eve on Sesame Street - I watched this on TV every year and loved it. I could relate to Big Bird wanting to solve the mystery of how it all worked to get Santa down the chimney.

4 - Love Actually - When I first saw this movie in the theaters I was newly divorced but I loved the romance represented in this movie. And I love when the Prime Minister goes door to door. But the scene that gets me is when the guy delivers the message to his friend's wife. You want to hate him and yet you feel for him.

3 - White Christmas - I LOVE this movie!! I think it is a great movie! The end with We'll Follow the Old Man gets me every time. As I type this I get teary eyed thinking about it.

2 - A Chipmunk Christmas - As a child I loved Alvin and the Chipmunks (I still haven't watched the new versions) and I loved this movie. Although I love the record recording best I think this movie has such a cool story in that Alvin did something right and ends up almost getting punished for it. But he truly got the meaning of Christmas.

1 - How the Grinch Stole Christmas - I can almost recite this movie. (My husband can recite this movie including the songs) I love this movie because I love Dr. Suess, because I love the story, but most of all I love Max! The scene where he is on the back of the sleigh waving makes me laugh every time.

So what are your favorite Christmas movies?


Mrs. Duh said...

You have some good ones... and I few I'll need to watch!

Here are a few of mine:

-It's a Wonderful Life
-Nat'l Lampoons Christmas Vacation
-Home Alone
-Babes in Toyland