Monday, November 28, 2011


A couple weeks ago Mom and I were supposed to go to the opera but due to horrible traffic we were hopelessly late and decided to go to a mall near the opera house. This mall has a wonderful place called Teavana. I admit our initial introduction was loud and chaotic so I wasn't sure what to think. Sadly it wasn't the customers being loud it was the employees loudly talking to each other about personal issues. And then they had so many employees that I couldn't take a step without a "hi can I help you?" Now don't get me wrong I like attentive employees but seriously this was nuts. I was ready to go when I saw their samples. One of the samples was Chai tea blend of White Ayurvedic Chai and Samurai Chai Mate. I LOVE Chai tea so I had to try it. I loved it so I went ahead and bought 2 oz of each of the teas (you have to buy at least 2oz of tea at a time). The "tea expert" proceeded to try and sell me an air tight container and German Rock Sugar. I appreciate suggestasales but she went slightly crazy on explaining the how and why I needed these things.

I admit I have since bought the air tight containers but less expensive versions of them. I also went back this past weekend bought some Earl Grey Creme Black Tea. I love it too with a bit of sugar in the raw and some cream...yummy!! I'm excited to report there will be one on my side of the water the end of January. I can't wait. So I encourage you to take a moment to check out their website or if there is a store near you check it out!